Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing

By Michelle Fielder

As a child I was always told to shoot for the Moon, because even if you miss, you'll be among the stars. I never realized where those words could possibly take me until today.

Fast forward 30+ years..........

I'm an average person: no elite athlete by any means. Not even an athlete if you want to be exact. I was the one who needed the jar of peanut butter opened for her and the groceries carried in from the car.  Every morning, you'd find me walking or jogging 1- 2 miles. At least that was something, right? I always thought I was in "shape," not knowing what those words actually meant. “In shape” meant being thin, something I have discovered is not true.

So one day, while watching an infomercial.....Yes an infomercial! (I hope your reading this Tony Horton!) I heard the words of a 50 year old: "I'm in the best shape of MY life, better shape then I was when I was in my 20's" What??? Could that be true? Could I, at the age of 44 be in the best shape of my life?  Well, I was determined to find out, and so began my journey with p90x. After finishing round 1, I knew I was stronger, mentally and physically, but what to do with this new found strength and determination?


I first heard of Spartan race back in April of 2011. I headed to their website to see what they were all about. At first, I was intimidated by pictures of all the athletes.  They looked hardcore, and I was no where near being hardcore. My first thought was, "Are these people nuts?" Watching these people jump over fire, climbing ropes and, my all time favorite, crawling under barbed wire through MUD! Yuck!  My first thought was, "there is no way I can do this!" My husband’s first words were, "You'll get hurt," but as I read more and more about the organization, I was more and more intrigued. As I read more about "Getting people off the couch" (the people on the video never looked like they were on the couch in the first place!), "the ability to laugh in the face of adversity"(I have lots of adversity in my life, I want to laugh!)  and "understanding at the finish line..."(What will I understand at the finish line?? PAIN??), I found that I had something to prove...not to anyone else, but to myself.  I KNEW this was the race I needed to conquer.

I will admit, I was hit with some resistance about doing this race. People my age are so ready to except their ages.  I truly believe that, as we get older, society brainwashes us into thinking that we cannot test our strengths and limits, and that if we do, we must be going through a mid-life crisis. So Yes! I am going through a Mid-life crisis. A crisis to better health!

I won't lie. As I am getting closer to the Texas Super Spartan, I am scared. I think, “You are too old for this!  What if I get hurt?  Did I train enough?  What if I have to take that dignified exit option at mile 3?!”

The thing that sets Spartan Race apart from other races is how they warmly invite you into the "Spartan Family."  They have not only created a unique, warm, welcoming family atmosphere but have also created one of life long friendships.  The Spartan Chicked group has given me the enthusiasm and encouragement to know I CAN do this.  All of us have the same goal: finishing what we start.  Some people ask why I want to do this race, and my answer is, "Because I can!" T here is nothing stopping me but myself.  I may not finish in first place, and it may not be pretty, but at least I had the courage to sign up. And signing up is the first step in this daring adventure.

So how will this daring adventure end? An average person, doing a not so average Race. Will I finish strong, taking down a Gladiator or two, rr will I be carried across the finish line?  Will I chicken out at the start line or will I take the not-so-dignified exit? December 3rd, 2011, I will be shooting for the moon and hoping to land at the finish line.  To be continued..........

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Finding the Physical. Part Two: Rise Up

by Carrie Adams

Originally posted in Carrie’s blog: www.leavingapath.com

“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness” –Unknown

SR_HURRICANE_BadgeAs I exited the hotel lobby at 4:30AM in the dark Southern California morning, I shuddered against the cold and watched my breath escape harshly into the air.  “So much for Malibu sunshine,” I remember thinking.  Hopping in the car with Tommy and Joe we drove over to the venue to kick off an early morning challenge with about 100 people in the earliest Spartan Race Heat – the Hurricane Heat.  Born in the belly of a hurricane it’s a heat that’s about everything BUT racing, it’s about making connections, completing tasks in extreme conditions and Malibu was the newest installment of an experience that was constantly evolving.  In the Hurricane Heat, I’m acting as facilitator not as the participant.  And it’s a new game when you’re on the other side of the ball. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girl You Are A Woman

Why is it we often as women refer to ourselves, our grown selves still as girls. Did we somewhere along the way stop growing up? How is it that so many strong and powerful women find themselves stuck at the adolescence stage referring to each other as gals, girls, or the worst referring to a group of women as "you guys." I know so many strong women, who will slip into calling themselves girls.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ADVENTURE RACING VS. OBSTACLE RACING: Both are Challenging, but the Differences are Significant

A Spartan Race White Paper

By Joe Desena, co-founder, Spartan Race, Inc.

Nov. 9, 2011

thebeast-61As the Spartan Race hits the 110,000 competitor mark in 2011, with over 625,000 Facebook likes, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the difference between an obstacle race and its forerunner, adventure racing. The two are often used interchangeably to the detriment of race organizers and competitors alike. And we should know: our founders are former adventure racers themselves. We’ve paddled with gators, walked through swamps in the jungle for hours, and have been lost at night with just tree bark for food.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Boys Allowed: Sports Bra 101

by Monica Rondon

Sorry boys but this one is for the ladies.

Being a woman is awesome. However being a woman also often requires extra “equipment”. In the context of racing I am referring of course to the sports bra. I worked for a number of years as a professional bra-fitter at an upscale lingerie/fitting boutique (yes there is such a job and no boys they are not hiring) and over those years amassed a fair amount of training and knowledge, which I would like to share with you. Consider this post Sports Bra 101.

Chicago Hurricane Heat

by Michael Vidas, Hurricane Heat Chicago, Class of 2011

[Note: While NOT a chick, Mike’s account of the HH is a great one and many of our Spartan Chicks were in attendance!]

n668534842_1928314_7921031I came into the Chicago Hurricane Heat with no idea of what to expect. I was told to show up with a head lamp, two glow sticks, and to be ready to get dirty. I was informed that this will be like nothing I have ever done before. That I will be challenged in ways that I hadn’t even thought of before.

Everything I was told was absolutely correct.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spartan Chicked...The Beginnings

She had an idea, an idea to create an army, an army of women who know no fear, and would be willing to take on the mighty Beast that is Spartan Race. Well, when Spartan Race Brand Manager, Carrie Adams, envisioned the Spartan Chicked Army she knew it would be something special. It all started with an email July 5, 2011 -

"Hey ladies...

So we are all doing the Beast and I thought we could go as a "Team" with Spartan chicked gear and promote strong, awesome women. Tara the raddest graphic designer I know is putting together a logo and we'll get matching shirts ordered.  I want to have 10 on our team if we can, so if you know any others, let me know!!!  It's not about speed or ability either.   

For the race, my thought is - run YOUR race.  We run as a team in spirit but races are about meeting your goals so if you want to break out, by all means, it would be AWESOME for one of our ladies to come in first....

So, Tara can you send us some shirt options?  Performance gear is preferred in my opinion so NOT COTTON and in black.  Tank tops.  What do you all think?  :-)


Friday, October 21, 2011

My Children

by Carrie Adams

Originally posted in www.leavingapath.com

"The soul is healed by being with children." — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Carrie111 546

This post is a love letter to my daughters Taylor and Caitlyn...

During a particularly rough patch this past year I took a trip to Florida.  This is what I wrote about it.

I have spent the last six days surrounded in almost every moment of the day and night by my girls.  From the blurring moments of waking and getting out the door a week ago at 5:45 AM for an early flight, buckling them both securely into their plane seats to this very moment, an angelic three year old breathing rhythmically beside me exhaustion finally forcing her to into a deep and seemingly dreamless sleep. 

Never Gone

by Carrie Adams

Originally posted on my blog www.leavingapath.com

aloneWithout hesitation I can articulate that I believe that life is such a series of moments strung together in a pattern that makes no sense to anyone outside the person experiencing it directly.  Your life is just that.  YOURS.  I can’t feel what you feel, you can’t possibly begin to understand my experience and how that’s helped to mold me, change me, make me the being I am in this moment.  There’s the surrender we each face and have to acknowledge and appreciate the place that pain holds in our lives.  We walk alone.  OWN that.  It’s a heavy burden and sometimes it hurts. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catey Baby Berry Muffins

Originally posted on www.keepingitclean.org
I am a single mother to two beautiful girls: Taylor and Caitlyn.  They are mini clean eaters and love helping me bake and cook.  My older daughter Taylor helps me pick out dinner recipes for the week, shops with me and even pitches in on the cooking and cleaning up.  My girls often inspire my baking and today after dance class, while still in her tutu, Catey came up to me while I was making protein bars and asked, "Mama, will you make me something sweet?"  After my heart melted, I checked the fridge and found that  I had plenty of fresh berries and decided to make her some muffins.  I threw this together with some nutritional bonuses from the baby food, flax seed, and hemp protein powder.  I always put a drop of honey on the top of my muffins for an extra touch of sweetness.  They turned out delicious and Catey got her "sweet" for the day.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nobowl Oatmeal!

by Carrie Adams

Originally posted on my clean eating blog www.keepingitclean.org

With all the cooking I do, I feel like my arms are constantly submerged in a sink full of bubbles or emptying my dishwasher. I also travel CONSTANTLY and it’s not easy to stay on the clean eating wagon in an airport so I have to prepare!  (Paleo enthusiasts don’t fear!  You can substitute quinoa for the oatmeal if you like!)

Driving with a bowl isn’t recommended and many an evening I have taken a crusted bowl out of my car and labored to scrub off the remaining oats off the sides working up a sweat. I also need to toss things in bags and take them with me so I came up with the perfect solution. With a glass of milk, these oatmeal treats, boasting 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per cookie, are as hearty as bowlful and as healthy too! Grab two on your way out the door for delicious, healthy morning breakfast!

1 ¼ cup Old Fashion Rolled Oats (Paleo alternative is 1 1/4 cup cooked Quinoa)
½ Cup Whole Wheat Pastry Flour (alternative: ½ cup oat pastry powder)
2 TBSP Flaxseed
1 tsp. cinnamon
½ tsp. baking soda
¼ tsp. Sea Salt
½ cup Agave Nectar (alternative: honey)
1 egg white
1 TBSP almond butter (alternative 1 TBSP organic peanut butter)
1 tsp vanilla
¼ cup chocolate chips (alternative: dried fruit, i.e. raisins, craisins, etc)
2 TBSP Chia Seeds
2 TBSP Hemp Protein Powder
¼ cup Sweet potato Puree
2 scoops whey protein powder (alternative: 2 scoops soy protein powder)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix Oats, flour, flaxseed, cinnamon, baking soda, chia seeds, hemp protein powder, and sea salt in a large bowl. Combine Agave, egg white, almond butter, vanilla, and sweet potato puree in a medium bowl. Combine the two mixtures. Spoon mixture into 16 or so evenly spaced cookies and flatten slightly with your spoon.
Bake 8 – 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Nutrition Information per cookie: Calories: 117 Carbs: 19 Fat: 2 Protein: 6 Fiber: 3

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Above Me

by Carrie Adams

“If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light. If I lose paper and ink, I will write in blood on forgotten walls. I will write always. I will capture nights all over the world and bring them to you”
Henry Rollins

franOriginally posted in www.leavingapath.com. 

My running and training lately has taken on a new dimension. One that’s not singular in nature.  So often in a sport that consists of simply putting one foot in front of the other we find ourselves becoming enveloped in self discovery, self reflection, self EVERYTHING. It’s finishing MY race, getting inside MY head, getting MY time, telling MY stories.  But, my stories aren’t what compels me these days.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spartan Radio 16: We Built this City

by Carrie Adams

Listen here!  http://radracing.org/2011/10/11/16-spartan-radio-we-built-this-city/

Spartan Radio is back at it again this week with more guests (so many it was like the opening sequence of Brady Bunch) and all kinds of fun from the comfort and security of our living rooms.  Last week – talked about SI and had special guest Irene Mallano and her daughter on the show talking all things Staten Island, so, if you haven’t heard show number 15, get on it!  

This week was all things Chicago, the Windy City. We’ll be there this weekend and as we heard tonight, the wind is the least of our worries!  Cliffs Insane Terrain park is chock full of crazy hills that will undoubtedly be ass kickers so get ready!

Mike Morris, Russell Cohen, Todd Sedlak, and Ashley Bond (ahem, she’s a former Miss Illinois and a current Chicago Bulls dancer racing on Saturday) all join me, Shawty, Maurya and Jim for some Spartan chat, some mayhem, some laughs, and Todd’s on top of a mountain in Vermont.  True story.  

Stay tuned: Margo the Great is up next week!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just Do It

by Carrie Adams

262491_2233439203071_1460645644_2599007_7174943_nThis week has been a tough one for me.  So busy and chaotic.  Been trying to find time, make time, save time.  I needed to pause and take a breath and remind myself of all the things that inspire me to keep on keepin’ on.  Enjoy. 

You don't stand in front of a mirror before a run and wonder what the road will think of your outfit. you don't have to listen to its jokes and pretend they're funny in order to run on it. It will not be easier to run if you dress sexier. The road doesn't notice when you're not wearing make up. It does not care how old you are. And you don't feel uncomfortable if you make more money than it. The only thing the road cares about is that you pay it a visit once in a while." - NIKE Goddess

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Down with O.P.P Bars

Cut bars

by Carrie Adams

First posted on www.keepingitclean.org

I was in the mood for a sweet filling treat on this cold afternoon! I've been on a major sweet pumpkin and peanut butter kick.  They are great as a breakfast on the go with egg whites and veggies or even as a snack before bed with a glass of milk.  Portion size is 2 x 2 so keep that in mind as you snack away! 

If you don't have pumpkin on hand,  fresh sweet potatoes or a can and a half of organic pureed sweet potato is a great substitution!  The other half a can I add to meats, sauces, and soups for additional nutritional value and nothing is wasted! 

Friday, September 30, 2011

Arts and Crafts (Spartan Chicked Style): Build Your Own Sandbag

by Carrie Adams

282788_2288154283796_1247108704_32874040_2010034_nYou didn’t think we were going to crochet, did you?  You can thank the one and only Spartan Chick Katy McCabe aka Katya (She's a Russian linguist, Marine, and one of my best friends for this project.  She’s amazing… and not just because of her one arm handstands!  (Those are rad though)  She’s taken on the Death Race, the Beast, and she’s just a super rad chick.  Her Blog Unnatural Born Athlete is something that I think a lot of us can relate to… http://katymccabe.blogspot.com/

My two sandbags – Angelina (the bitch) and T-Rex (The gentler giant) are my two sandbags.  T-Rex was made with these instructions from Katy.  For about $25 and with two of my friends, this made for a REALLY fun afternoon! 

Miami Inspired Dinner!

by Carrie Adams

Originally posted on www.keepingitclean.org

SRFL_JJ_0531We have some amazing Miami chicks and we are heading back to beach on February 25, 2012!  It came to mind as I was poking around our calendar yesterday.  Even though home base for me is Omaha, I travel to Siesta Key every year with my daughters. It’s been an annual event for over 15 years actually!   We parasail, I scuba dive, I run the beaches and swim for days!  It’s a relaxing weekend with my girls and a great chance to train in the warm Florida sunshine.  With food, I am always spoiled - I have had fresh fish every day - the seasonal  produce and sea food abound so we are taking advantage of the citrus, berries, and fresh fish fillets from the local market!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Muscle vs. Fat

by Carrie Adams

Originally posted on www.keepingitclean.org

Do you obsess over a number on the scale?  Do you think that getting to a certain point on the scale will make you happy?  The numbers game we play with ourselves is something I encourage people to move away from… if you want to follow a number, get your body fat percentage measured and use that as your true measure of success and use that as your barometer for health and overall well being. 

image003Look at the picture on the left.  That is a representation of five pounds of muscle and five pounds of fat.  As you can see, the 5 lbs. of fat is much bulkier than the 5 lbs. of muscle, but five pounds is still five pounds. Muscle does not weigh more than fat.  So because muscle is more dense than fat, the correct way to state the the comparison is, "Muscle is heavier by volume than fat." 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dinner and Dancing

I spend so much time thinking about food.  I love food.  I do. On top of all the thinking about the food, I spend almost as much time shopping for it, preparing it, serving it and eating it!  I cook for my family, for my friends, for my running team - pretty much anyone. My kitchen is the heart of my house.  Food is a passion... So is dancing...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

J and J Protein Bars

by Carrie Adams

I first made these back in the spring and you’ll soon find out (I’ll post my recipes often) that I like to improvise in the kitchen!  I really just throw things together.  I eat clean but I have two kids and I like to eat hearty food so I had to find something that was healthy, tasted amazing, and was nutritious.  These have become epic. Epic!

Believe me when I tell you that at 200 calories for two large bars (as they are made below – adjust calories, etc if you substitute) you'll satisfy your sweet tooth, keep it clean, and help you stay fueled for the day!  Thanks to Spartan Chick Lynn Lena I had them just before the Staten Island Hurricane Heat!  They are named for two of my good friends from Omaha – Jim and Jamie – they are frequent running partners and frequent eaters of these amazing bars. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Spartan Chicked Video

Watch the video from the weekend that started it all back in August in a little ski town in Vermont and home of the Original Spartan Beast...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Staten Island Rocks the Super Spartan

by Carrie Adams
Undeterred by torrential rainfall Friday, Spartan Race’s Super Spartan presented by Dolphin Fitness went off without a hitch on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at Wolfe’s Pond Park.  Lots of muddy mayhem lay in wait for the Spartan athletes brave enough to take on the eight mile course. 

DSCN2098A new feature you’ll be seeing at upcoming races is the Hurricane Heat and Staten Island was the second installment of the new series of heats put on by Spartan Race at our events.  Starting in the early morning and before dawn, the Hurricane Heaters of Staten Island set off on the course led by Joe DeSena, Spartan Staffers (myself included), and with headlamps lighting the way on the muddy course.  Part Death Race camp, part team “fun” run, this early heat incorporated additional punishment and physical challenges inside the race course.  Thirty burpees were issued at every obstacle and picking up logs, rocks, and sometimes each other along the course, the final Hurricane Heaters came across the line, some being buddy carried for some extra toughness, after nearly four hours on the trail. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Trail Chicked!

For all the trail chicks out there, Spartan Chick and ultra-runner Keira Henninger who we profiled on the Spartan Blog is offering a really cool deal to our Spartan Chicks who want to do an amazing trail run in Southern California on October 10th!
She has an amazing trail series called Leona Valley. This one is a Trail Mary (Mary is Marathon), Half Mary, 10K and 5K all on beautiful but tough and technical single track trails.
Here is a link to the website:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hurricane Heat Hits Staten Island

After the success of the Hurricane Heat at Amesbury Spartan Race announced a few days ago that they would be hosting another Hurricane Heat at 0530 on Saturday morning September 24 during the Staten Island Super Spartan. As Radbadassador, Carrie Adams wrote on Monday this heat is only open to 100 people.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spartan Radio: Back in Black!

After some off time, the ladies (and Jim) were back in action on Spartan Radio.  The lovely and talented (and wicked fast) Margo the Great joined us for the show.  We talked about the disaster in Vermont and the recovery efforts - including lots of ways you can help!  We talked about PA, the fact that Spartan has rad gear, rad chicks, and 2012 season of bad assness!  Maurya talked about her wimp to Spartan campaign courtesy of CrossFit South Brooklyn (Shane Williams is one cool dude) and we talked a lot about race day gear (NO COTTON).  Carrie told bad jokes, Maurya played with her hair, Margaret gave good information and Jim just tried to stay sane. 

Contact the show at podcast@radracing.org

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spartan Race Training with the Troops

by Carrie Adams
Spartan Chicks are soldiers, former soldiers, veterans, wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends of Troops.  (This Spartan Chick is dating a Veteran who spent 27 months in Iraq).  Spartan Race has a new program I want to tell you guys about… Spartan Training with the Troops (STWTT), the coolest way for you to participate in some truly rad training while also being actively involved in the recovery of America’s wounded warriors! Pro vs. GI Joe and Spartan Race joined forces, meshing our two worlds to create a “crew” that consists of Spartan Racers and wounded warriors from Pro vs. GI Joe’s “Rehabbing with the Troops (RWTT)” program.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Chick Bad..

by Carrie Adams
There is no doubt that the women of Sparta are special.  This video I put together (with some of the amazing pictures from our photographers at Nuvison Action Image) shows how rad our women are.  If you haven't signed up for a race, make today that day.  Remember, you have an army of rad chicks that have your back and won't let you down.  
This is dedicated to all our Spartan Chicks and Sparkles…
Spartan’s chicks… the baddest, toughest, coolest chicks on the planet…

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spartan Chicked: The Lingo

by Carrie Adams
ottawa-63Spartan Chicks sometimes use their own language.  Here’s a few key terms you’ll see thrown around.  (You’ll see rocks and sandbags thrown around too.)
Spartan Chicked: Chicked is an endurance racing term where a male racer is passed by a female racer on the course.
Spartan Chick: Has run a Spartan Race and earned her mud.
Sparkle: A new Spartan Chick who hasn’t raced yet.  We love sparkles!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spartan Chicked Gear Available Online

by Carrie Adams
Picture5Spartan merchandise is now available for sale!  Go to our main page and click on the Shop link in the top right hand corner to get to the merchandise site!  We’ve now offer a full line of apparel and other products so our Spartan athletes can wear the gear with pride! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Run with the Founders: The Hurricane Heaters

by Carrie Adams
photo (8)
Hurricane Heaters, Amesbury 2011
When news of the impending landfall of Hurricane Irene began to circulate, Spartan HQ worked diligently to keep race doors open for the weekend.  When the State of Massachusetts shut down the site and the venue for Sunday’s August 28th day of racing, and declared a state of emergency we were forced to cancel the heats.  Amidst the disappointed racers and staffers, no one was more upset than our own owner, Joe DeSena and the crews, course designers, and builders ready to race in Amesbury. 

Plans for possible Sunday heats evaporated when we were notified that streets would be shut down and the Sunday permit would no longer be valid.  A new plan was necessary.  Phone calls, site visits, and last minute adjustments were made and SR staffers managed to negotiate an alternative for a few Spartan athletes brave enough to take on the challenge.  By noon on Friday, an invitation went out to all Sunday racers giving them the chance to try Spartan’s course with a unique twist.  An early morning run through the course led by some of the Founders of Spartan Race.  And just like that, Running with the Founders: The Hurricane Heat was born.  Some of our own Spartan Chicked ladies took part in the early morning heat.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Calling all Spartan Chicks! I Need Your Help!

by Carrie Adams
299480_10150267149631861_251061411860_8236769_2477507_nLike the Bat Signal in the sky, the Spartan alarm is sounding!  I need Spartan Chicks in each of our regions who are willing to organize get-togethers of all the Spartan Chicks racing in the area.  An army of Radbadassadors to help get our ladies together on race weekends!  I’m calling this our Dream Team of Radbadassadors! 
Our Events give us an opportunity to network and while our digital platforms are fun, who doesn’t love pasta feeds and post race dance parties with girlfriends!

Spartan Chicked

by Carrie Adams, Spartan Chicked Founder and Radbassador
SPARTAN_RACE_CHICKEDSpartan Race is one of the fastest growing active racing organizations in the world.  We are more than just your average “mud” run we are an international racing organization that promotes athleticism, an active
lifestyle, and a bringing together a community of people across the globe.  A community comprised of some pretty amazing women.
Spartan Race is not just an obstacle race that comes into town sets up284880_2232455218472_1460645644_2597508_4378792_n shop has a muddy run and goes home, we want to become a part of the community and engage people into a fun, exciting challenge with our events.  We even have a TV station and Radio Show dedicated to our event series!   We care about athletes and racers and we tell their stories.  We have a FB page and Twitter account where we talk about WOD’ (Workouts of the Day) and ways to stay motivated and strong, we blog about our athletes and tell real stories of people overcoming life obstacles and accomplishing things that they never thought possible.