Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girl You Are A Woman

Why is it we often as women refer to ourselves, our grown selves still as girls. Did we somewhere along the way stop growing up? How is it that so many strong and powerful women find themselves stuck at the adolescence stage referring to each other as gals, girls, or the worst referring to a group of women as "you guys." I know so many strong women, who will slip into calling themselves girls.

Well we aren't girls, we are strong independent grown women and it is time for us to start our own revolution. No, we do not need to storm the streets of New York and camp out for months. This revolution can simply come from a few changes in our own rhetoric. These changes are subtle, but with any revolution will take some effort to implement into daily life. No, I am not asking to change history into herstory. I am also not saying we need to beat down the doors with this revolution.

Here is what I am proposing, we are women and strong women at that. We are grown and need to stop referring to ourselves as girls. Let's change Girl's Night Out into Ladies Night Out or Women's Night Out. Let's call it like it is, we are women dammit! Let's start referring to our circle of female friends instead of my girls to my ladies. But please please most of all acknowledge and help me with this one, lets stop referring to a group always as "guys", whether it is mixed company or all women. For me if its a group of women acknowledge this fact, embrace it and rejoice in it.

Don't let that, yes you know which one, person automatically refer to a group as "the guys." This is one of my largest pet peeves in life, when someone is talking about a group and automatically goes to the "guys" rhetoric. No, this is somewhat a silent revolution, it is an underground movement, if we alone change our own rhetoric then we can help start to change those around us. Once we make this change maybe we hold our heads a little bit higher, reach for that promotion a little bit harder, because again we are WOMEN. Maybe just maybe after some practice we will stop thinking of ourselves as gals and girls but as the strong independent Spartan Women that we are. For you would never call a grown women in Sparta a girl, so why should be today refer to ourselves in a way that only degrades us in front of our peers. Join me in this revolution, because girl... you are a woman!



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