Monday, February 20, 2012

The Death Race Profile Series: Amelia Boone

amelia faceThe alarm goes off shortly after 4:00 AM and Amelia Boone is off to the gym before an undetermined number of hours at the law firm where she works as an attorney in downtown Chicago.  “It’s important to make time.” she explains.  “And I don’t know when else I will get the chance with my working hours.” 

A native of Oregon, Boone grew up active playing soccer and softball.  When it came time for college, she followed the path of academics in lieu of sports but stayed active always looking for something to challenge her.   She will be participating in both the Winter and the Summer Death Races in 2012.  Athletes like Amelia are redefining females in sport and giving women new heroes of the non-traditional variety.  Successful, strong, smart, and beautiful, she’s going to be one to watch this season.  She’s adding to an already strong field of female athletes.