Monday, February 20, 2012

The Death Race Profile Series: Amelia Boone

amelia faceThe alarm goes off shortly after 4:00 AM and Amelia Boone is off to the gym before an undetermined number of hours at the law firm where she works as an attorney in downtown Chicago.  “It’s important to make time.” she explains.  “And I don’t know when else I will get the chance with my working hours.” 

A native of Oregon, Boone grew up active playing soccer and softball.  When it came time for college, she followed the path of academics in lieu of sports but stayed active always looking for something to challenge her.   She will be participating in both the Winter and the Summer Death Races in 2012.  Athletes like Amelia are redefining females in sport and giving women new heroes of the non-traditional variety.  Successful, strong, smart, and beautiful, she’s going to be one to watch this season.  She’s adding to an already strong field of female athletes. 

A self-proclaimed desk jockey, she needs an outlet from the long hours and obstacle racing and non-traditional endurance challenges have been the perfect fit.  Training for the hilly terrain she will face in Vermont while living and working downtown Chicago is a challenge but Boone has taken to getting creative.  Lugging 40lbs up stairs in her work clothes 39 stories is how she begins her work day and takes to planning while reviewing cases in her 407024_3096079054217_1631326229_2748093_1634709090_noffice.  She’s also recently started blogging about her racing and her unique approach to training,

“It doesn’t hurt when partners think you’re a little crazy,” she jokes.

She’s also honing new skills.  Recently gifted an axe, she’s been working on her wood chopping skills, another challenging skill to train for while living in the downtown Chicago urban jungle.  She knows learning how to wield the axe will be an important part of the upcoming Death Race experiences so she’s getting prepared as best she can.

“There aren’t many trees to speak of.  And I think lugging an axe around town would be frowned upon.”

lowcrawl_ameliaHer accomplishments are notable.  In addition to marathons, traditional road races, and countless obstacle races she recently completed an overnight challenge in D.C. and was also part of a well known 24 hour challenge in December 2011.  Only ten participants total would finish out of a field of 800 and only two women, Boone included. 

The mysticism and the community of the Death Race is what appealed to Boone.  “I haven’t met a community of people like it.  There is nothing like it.”  She also looks forward to her Death Race experiences, however unknown they are right now.  “I have no idea what to expect.  I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing.”