Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spartan Chicked Gear Available Online

by Carrie Adams
Picture5Spartan merchandise is now available for sale!  Go to our main page and click on the Shop link in the top right hand corner to get to the merchandise site!  We’ve now offer a full line of apparel and other products so our Spartan athletes can wear the gear with pride! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Run with the Founders: The Hurricane Heaters

by Carrie Adams
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Hurricane Heaters, Amesbury 2011
When news of the impending landfall of Hurricane Irene began to circulate, Spartan HQ worked diligently to keep race doors open for the weekend.  When the State of Massachusetts shut down the site and the venue for Sunday’s August 28th day of racing, and declared a state of emergency we were forced to cancel the heats.  Amidst the disappointed racers and staffers, no one was more upset than our own owner, Joe DeSena and the crews, course designers, and builders ready to race in Amesbury. 

Plans for possible Sunday heats evaporated when we were notified that streets would be shut down and the Sunday permit would no longer be valid.  A new plan was necessary.  Phone calls, site visits, and last minute adjustments were made and SR staffers managed to negotiate an alternative for a few Spartan athletes brave enough to take on the challenge.  By noon on Friday, an invitation went out to all Sunday racers giving them the chance to try Spartan’s course with a unique twist.  An early morning run through the course led by some of the Founders of Spartan Race.  And just like that, Running with the Founders: The Hurricane Heat was born.  Some of our own Spartan Chicked ladies took part in the early morning heat.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Calling all Spartan Chicks! I Need Your Help!

by Carrie Adams
299480_10150267149631861_251061411860_8236769_2477507_nLike the Bat Signal in the sky, the Spartan alarm is sounding!  I need Spartan Chicks in each of our regions who are willing to organize get-togethers of all the Spartan Chicks racing in the area.  An army of Radbadassadors to help get our ladies together on race weekends!  I’m calling this our Dream Team of Radbadassadors! 
Our Events give us an opportunity to network and while our digital platforms are fun, who doesn’t love pasta feeds and post race dance parties with girlfriends!

Spartan Chicked

by Carrie Adams, Spartan Chicked Founder and Radbassador
SPARTAN_RACE_CHICKEDSpartan Race is one of the fastest growing active racing organizations in the world.  We are more than just your average “mud” run we are an international racing organization that promotes athleticism, an active
lifestyle, and a bringing together a community of people across the globe.  A community comprised of some pretty amazing women.
Spartan Race is not just an obstacle race that comes into town sets up284880_2232455218472_1460645644_2597508_4378792_n shop has a muddy run and goes home, we want to become a part of the community and engage people into a fun, exciting challenge with our events.  We even have a TV station and Radio Show dedicated to our event series!   We care about athletes and racers and we tell their stories.  We have a FB page and Twitter account where we talk about WOD’ (Workouts of the Day) and ways to stay motivated and strong, we blog about our athletes and tell real stories of people overcoming life obstacles and accomplishing things that they never thought possible.