Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spartan Chicked

by Carrie Adams, Spartan Chicked Founder and Radbassador
SPARTAN_RACE_CHICKEDSpartan Race is one of the fastest growing active racing organizations in the world.  We are more than just your average “mud” run we are an international racing organization that promotes athleticism, an active
lifestyle, and a bringing together a community of people across the globe.  A community comprised of some pretty amazing women.
Spartan Race is not just an obstacle race that comes into town sets up284880_2232455218472_1460645644_2597508_4378792_n shop has a muddy run and goes home, we want to become a part of the community and engage people into a fun, exciting challenge with our events.  We even have a TV station and Radio Show dedicated to our event series!   We care about athletes and racers and we tell their stories.  We have a FB page and Twitter account where we talk about WOD’ (Workouts of the Day) and ways to stay motivated and strong, we blog about our athletes and tell real stories of people overcoming life obstacles and accomplishing things that they never thought possible.

215108_577078019010_14900272_32300550_2568591_nOur Spartan Chicks are pretty remarkable!  What is “Chicked”?  Chicked is a racing term that defines when a man is passed on the course by a woman!  It’s one of my favorite parts about racing!  Traditional endurance events average 50% or more female participation but obstacle racing is closer to 35%.  Spartan Chicked wants to change that!  Our Chicked movement is growing too!  We have our own FB page, and now with our blog we can keep each other motivated and connected across the miles!  I have a Twitter account you can follow to stay connected too! 
The Spartan organization is full of athletes ourselves!  For us, this isn’t 262491_2233439203071_1460645644_2599007_7174943_njust about a race, it’s about a way of life and about inspiring the youth and the Spartan Chicked movement targets young women and girls and show them that being strong, capable, and pushing ourselves is fun and fulfilling.  We are here to inspire a nation to get off the couch, take care of their bodies, and ultimately challenge themselves to push through obstacles to find out who they are and our Spartan women do that every day!
Our Spartan tagline is “You’ll Know at the Finish Line” and we want as many women as possible to get to experience that feeling of achievement through one of our races!

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