Sunday, August 28, 2011

Calling all Spartan Chicks! I Need Your Help!

by Carrie Adams
299480_10150267149631861_251061411860_8236769_2477507_nLike the Bat Signal in the sky, the Spartan alarm is sounding!  I need Spartan Chicks in each of our regions who are willing to organize get-togethers of all the Spartan Chicks racing in the area.  An army of Radbadassadors to help get our ladies together on race weekends!  I’m calling this our Dream Team of Radbadassadors! 
Our Events give us an opportunity to network and while our digital platforms are fun, who doesn’t love pasta feeds and post race dance parties with girlfriends!

So, here is our event schedule for the remainder of the 2011 calendar and 2012!  Are there local Spartans Chicks that can help coordinate places to stay, cool venues to check out and even organize some carb loading Friday night, breakfast Saturday or going out Saturday night as a group?  Many of us with Spartan get the chance to travel to events so we’d love to meet you in person and for others driving or flying in, it will be a chance to make new friends and have some fun! 

311290_10150267154116861_251061411860_8236937_6830848_nIdeally, I’d love a woman or two (or a whole team) commit to each city for a race and set up some fun activities for us to do together!  We can use the blog and FB page to get people added to city lists and then we can email the details!  There are so many amazing Spartan women out there and I can’t wait to meet more of you!

Venues we’ll be in:
9/10 Pennsylvania/Palmerton
9/24 New York Staten Island
10/15 Mid West/Chicago
11/19 Malibu
12/3 Glen Rose Texas
1/28 SoCal/Temecula
2/11 Arizona/Chandler
2/25 Florida/Miami
3/10 Georgia/Conyers
3/24 and3/25 Carolinas (NC)/Charlotte
5/19 and 5/20 Texas/Burnett
6/2 and 6/3 Tri State Tuxedo Ridge
6/30 Utah/Midway
7/14 and 7/15 Pennsylvania/Palmerton
7/28 and 7/29 Colorado – TBD
8/11 and 8/12 New England Boston
8/25 and 8/26 Mid Atlantic/Leesburg, VA
9/8 and 9/9 Staten Island
9/29 and 9/30 Vermont
10/13 and 10/14 the Carolinas (SC)/Winnsboro
10/27 and 10/28 Mid West/Marseilles
11/10 and 11/11 Malibu
12/1 and 12/2 Glen Rose
Email if you can help out in your city! 

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  1. I am interested in finding a group of Spartan Chicks to train with here on S.I. for the 2012 event. Does such a group exist and who do I contact to get involved?