Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spartan Race Training with the Troops

by Carrie Adams
Spartan Chicks are soldiers, former soldiers, veterans, wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends of Troops.  (This Spartan Chick is dating a Veteran who spent 27 months in Iraq).  Spartan Race has a new program I want to tell you guys about… Spartan Training with the Troops (STWTT), the coolest way for you to participate in some truly rad training while also being actively involved in the recovery of America’s wounded warriors! Pro vs. GI Joe and Spartan Race joined forces, meshing our two worlds to create a “crew” that consists of Spartan Racers and wounded warriors from Pro vs. GI Joe’s “Rehabbing with the Troops (RWTT)” program.

Here is the video we did on Rehabbing with the Troops!
There are two ways you can train with our wounded warriors: (1) In preparation for the Spartan Race or (2) Train for the same 6-week period but not for the Spartan Race. Both ways, the “crew” comes together to train alongside our wounded warriors as part of their on-going rehabilitation and recovery process. STWTT is not only fun but it also allows everyday people to get involved in something truly rewarding - to play a personal role and be a integral part in the lives of America’s wounded veterans. Through STWTT, you will help our warriors lay a solid foundation for their recovery in ways that are truly integrated, fun, and beneficial - to you, your friends and the warriors!  We are kicking it off in Staten Island! 

In the weeks leading up to our Staten Island Race on September 24th, 20 Spartan racers will train with 2 wounded warriors. We'll split Spartan Racers in to 2 teams of 10 and pair each team with one wounded warrior. Both Spartan racers and our wounded veterans will get the opportunity of a life time, to train for three weeks engulfing

yourselves in a transformation that few can even fathom. The Spartan Racing Series is all about going big or going home & we will ensure that our Spartans & Troops go big and push through the adversities and challenge life head on. This will be a unique experience in itself. With that said Spartans, Get off the couch and Start training with the Troops!

As a kickoff to our STWTT's program we and Pro vs. GI Joe are offering 20 Registered Spartans for the upcoming Staten Island Spartan Race an opportunity to virtually train with our Nation's wounded heroes. In order to be paired up with our nation’s elite heroes we ask that each registered SI Spartan to post a video to our Spartan Training With The Troops (STWTT) Facebook page about why they deserve the opportunity to train with a Wounded Hero.

Here is what we need from you:
A 2 minute video posted to the Spartan Training With The Troops (STWTT) Facebook page wall explaining why you deserve a chance to train Virtually with a Wounded Hero. 
(Video must be 2 minutes or under.)
A link of the video must also be emailed to
A link of the video must also be emailed to
Participating Spartans will be selected by the Troops themselves & announced on our FB page!  We will also be sending the winners an email and information packet of what is to follow.
Stay Tuned for the next STWTT for our Malibu, California race November 19, 2011.
This is an amazing program and I hope some SI and Malibu Spartan Chicks get involved!  Post your videos and train with some rad people!

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