Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spartan Chicked: The Lingo

by Carrie Adams
ottawa-63Spartan Chicks sometimes use their own language.  Here’s a few key terms you’ll see thrown around.  (You’ll see rocks and sandbags thrown around too.)
Spartan Chicked: Chicked is an endurance racing term where a male racer is passed by a female racer on the course.
Spartan Chick: Has run a Spartan Race and earned her mud.
Sparkle: A new Spartan Chick who hasn’t raced yet.  We love sparkles!

Rad: A frequently used word by me and some of our early Spartan Chicks (I use variations of rad also, “Rad bananas” is one of my favorites. It mean’s “very cool.” )
Radbadassador: A Spartan Chick committed to spreading the word about how rad and badass Spartan Chicks are.  I actually use this as my job title.  No joke, here’s part of my signature line:
Carrie Adams: Brand Manager, Spartan Chicked Radbadassador
ottawa-92Clock Blocking: In endurance sports and other competitive racing events, clock blocking is when a racer either deliberately or inadvertently disrupts another racer’s flow or stride causing their pace to slip and thus directly hurting another racer’s overall and/or average time for their respective event. 

Two notes on this one…. I actual made up this term (well, I wasn’t the first one to probably every say it, but I trademarked it!  Check out the website… it’s pretty funny.  Once you know clock blocking you see it EVERYWHERE.)
Clock Blocking is born:
Clock Blocking in Real Life:
Clock Blocking is Clock Blocked:

Shorty Shorts: I am a staunch opposer of male endurance athletes wearing shorty shorts. I have written and spoken out against it on several occasions.  Outside of Prefontaine, they have no place on the race course.  Here is where I launched my campaign:

Rock: 1. (verb) A synonym for “wear” as in Hey Sparkle, you are rockin’ those tall socks.
2. (noun) An Actual Rock.  A lot of us train with them.   Margo the Great* aka Margaret Schlachter has quite the relationship with hers…
Girl meets rock:
The romance builds:
Great workout partners:
Love blossoms:

Random Asides:
carolinas-80We do a lot of nicknames.  I’m Shawty.  You can find me on FB that way too… I talk about my training and my two favorite training partners T-Rex and Angelina (they are sand bags.  Angelina is bigger and bitchier.) 
We frequently mention/talk about Honey Badgers, zombies, ninjas and all other things that just scream badassery.   
We love our Spartan Chicks, Chicks-in-Training, and Sparkles.  All ages, shapes, sizes, abilities.  We are all one community who value well-being, fitness, pushing limits, inspiring others and supporting each other.  That’s just rad bananas. 


  1. I'm pleased to know I'm not the only one who has named my various work out apparatuses....though mine usually have male names since like a good Spartan Chick I show them whose boss when I throw them around or hoist them high into the air.

  2. I laughed at the Shorty Shorts... At the Amesbury, MA race, some guy stripped down to Speedo's in the swamp. The dude actually reminded me of Alan (Zach Galifianakis) in The Hangover.

  3. My BF effin rocks his shorty shorts with his massively thick tree trunk thighs! He's 60 years old and hikes up in the mountains about 10 miles a day. He does have the nine month pregnant belly so he does NOT get to wear speedos though!